My love horoscope for the year 2018, according to Cosmopolitan:

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“You love to get to know new people. You’re rarely alone and love the company of other people. In January and February, you feel rather flirty, but from March to April you move back a little and you take a break to get away from it all. After you took a small breather, you should definetely make your comeback in May since Venus promises you an exciting and magnificent time. Wild parties, adventurous travelling and promising flirts await you in summer. Between August and September you then most likely find the right guy for you! Venus shows you how fun love is and you even consider to settle down with someone you really like. However, this stressful time makes you a little bit temperamental. If the one gets on your nerves and stresses you too much, you quite possibly cut them off. In October you will have figured out what you want and Mars helps you in that process. From that time on, your ability to assert yourself is incredible when it comes to relationships and you will definitely won’t let anyone pressure you to get together if you aren’t completely sure whether you want to commit.”

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Oh dear. What a topic to kick off the New Year with, hm? Although I don’t really believe in horoscopes and all that jazz I still always read the yearly predictions – because they turn out to be true most of the time.

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However, I hope your horoscopes are all as promising as mine and have a good first days of the New Year. See you tomorrow!

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