Hey :) I am very new to We <3 it and I love it! over the past months of my life I have been overhwelmed with tears, smiles and panic. Writing and poetry have been one heaven on earth to me because of the calmness it brings me. One of my favorite things to write about is emotions and my rollarcoasters of life so here we go, my first spill on me and my life. Get ready for the ups and downs of 2017.

Mental health

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Overall 2017 was probably the worst year for my mental health by far. My anxiety was through the roof which just recently has begun to calm down. This year has been filled with fear, compulsion, panic and so much more. There have been days where I decided I wanted to go to a counselor (which I have now) and days where I was the happiest gal on earth. 2017 has shown me that in order to be happy you have to know what it feels like to be on the other side of the scale, at the lowest of your lows. I have learned so much about myself through going to counceling and by spending so many nights wondering why I was physically sick just because I was scared. I am so thankful for being able to dicover so much about me through my mind.


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Throughout 2017 I have been able to accomplish so much self-dicovery and self-love. I have been the most confident I have ever been this year and have learned to not only at all love my appearance but my personality and soul as well. Confidence takes time as everything does, it takes so much time and so much self encouragemnt, but it is worth it as almost everythong is in the end. I still have so many goals to be more confident I still get scared when I meet new people and still freak out when I say something if its wrong. I cannot wait to keep moving forward with my confidence in 2018 and am so excited to watch my friends and family grow as well.


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School has been absolutely garbage this year. This year I have been odly unmotivated due to mental health and procrastination. School has been difficult, tiring and very stressful. I have been lazy with it and am disappointened of how I treated school which is why 2018 is going to be my year of getting myself back on track.


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My health this year has been all over the place. I have been to the doctor many times thinking I was extremely sick when I was really having panic attacks. Anxiety has been the cause of my past 6 months of sickness. Anxiety has made me realize how I can become physcially sick from it and that even though It may have the power over my body I still have the power over my happiness.

To 2018

  • 2018 will be filled with happiness
  • 2018 will be filled with poems and articles from each month of my life and so much more
  • 2018 will be a fresh start


I am so excited to be sharing my journey of 2018 with this website. I cannot wait for what's to come. I hope you all enjoyed!

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To the ups and downs to come