Hey guys! One month ago (aprox) I made the first article about unusual zodia couples aesthetics, and it was really fun to do it. Here I am now with a second article about horoscopes lol. Here we go.

1.- Capricorn girl, Aquarius boy.

boy beach boy airport
Always being best friends and telling each other everything. Traveling together and escaping the world by making new unimaginable memories. Watching the sunrise together while cuddling on a cold day. Becoming obsessed for the same series and for superheroes. Slowly kissing on a calm summer night.

2.- Piscis girl, Leo boy.

couple boy couple black and white
Crazy laughing on mornings. Napping together on the sand. Passionate nights after some champagne glasses. Decorating together for christmas holidays. Quietly holding hands after a bad day. Kisses on the forehead. Smiling timidly when they see each other.

3.- Aries girl, Virgo boy.

couple aquarium boy boy
Doing things they never thought they would do, just because they're together. Teaching each other things about life. Freeing their wild spirit. Going on strange and super cute dates. Always fighting for small things and ending up being really sorry. Making food contests.

4.- Sagittarius girl, Gemini boy.

boy boy boyfriend couple
Picking her flowers on a field. Buying him surprise presents. Dinners with her/his family. Kissing the tip of each other's noses. Making funny faces to make the other one laugh. Deep talks about their past while cuddling in a bed.

5.- Scorpio girl, Taurus boy.

Superthumb boy couple Superthumb
The most romantic couple on Valentine's Day. Going to buy clothes together. Going camping together and staying up all night. Traveling to beautiful landscapes just for the memories. Having the same friends and going on triple dates. Watching movies all the time at winter and sharing hot chocolate mugs.

6.- Libra girl, Cancer boy.

boy Superthumb couple boy
One of the couples with the strongest love. Soulmates since the day they saw each other. They know the other one as good as they know themselves. They know they are going to pass all their lives together.

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