Yip. Now It's 2018 and the New Year begins.
Honestly. Am I the only one who is scared of the New Year?
I mean, You scroll through WHI and you only find Articles about 2018 resolutions.
Guys, first I also thought about uploading my resolutions but now I don' want to.
Every year all peolpes take these resolutions and all these people break their resolutions in less than 5 days.
And honestly, my resolutions didn't come true this year. No, quite the reserve! It was the worst year I ever had and I had more moments with tears in my eyes than with a smile on my face.

So yeah. I am scared. I am scared that the year will be as awefull as this year. I am scared to fail my A-Levels. I am scared what will follow after school. I am scared that I will never reach my dream. To become again depressed. To disappoint my parents...and so much more.

But I want to be like these pictures on WHI. With a bullet journal, a travle journal and sharing my life with You but I know that I don't need this because there will be nothing special to write or to share about.

Yes. I am happy that this bad year ends. That I can leave all the bad things behind me. But so much more I am scared. Scared to lose again and to regret my life.

I cried when the 2018 began and I also praied, that the next year will be a good one.

And now tell me that I am not alone...
I wish you all the best
And I hoping for the best

With Love,