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Looking after your mental health is important, though many people don't really focus on their mental health as they do other things like having a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly. Your mental health is probably the one you give least attention to but you can change that with a few smart moves.

♛Prioritize Yourself

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Stop putting the needs of others before your own.

♛Get A New Hobby

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Take up a new hobby whose only purpose is to give you a few hours of peace and enjoyment.

♛Make Your Bed

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Make the effort to make your bed every day after you get up. It can help to de-clutter your mind and give you a fresh perspective at the end of every evening.

♛Save Money For Self Benefit

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If you can, save a little money each month so that you can reward yourself with a few indulgent treats.

♛Memory Jar

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Write down fun things that have happened to you. It can make for a great mood boost to read through when you are feeling down.

♛End Bad Relationships

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It’s time to cut ties with any friends, partners or colleagues that serve no other purpose than to make you feel bad about yourself.

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