Hi there, i'm pretty new to WHI and thought that to start myself off, i would write an article about me! I've seen others and they look interesting and i hope in the future people will be able to look at this and learn more about the person sat behind this account. The reason I've started this account is because i enjoy people getting an outside look on my life and what this article is about - me.

Here are a few things about me... enjoy!

baby animals, barn, and farm image
I'm a English teenage girl and i live on a farm in central England.
boy, dj, and music image
I'm very much into music, of all genres, so much so I've recently bought some DJ decks and equipment. Some day i hope to make it big as a DJ
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I love taking photos and videos. I make videos of memorable days and edit them so i can relive them. This is a photo i took the other day- look in this collection for more of my photographs:
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My biggest aim in life is to be rich. In my eyes money equals success and i want to be seen as successful.
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Last but not least, i am a massive Vine lover and my heart broke when it ended. I am super excited for Vine 2 and i think it will make 2018.

Thank you for reading, i would love some WHI friends so feel free to message me i'll be friendly :)