You've been showing me your passions and I've been living each of my days falling for them as you spoke with sparkles in your heavy eyes and deep dreamy voice which got me easily caught in your world.
Since one day you gave me many chances to show you my strange world. My only corner of joy where I'm feeling most alive. It's Dancing.
I let you lead and you start off on the wrong foot because you've had no idea about how I planned our dance to be like. You haven't let go of my hand, instead, you were holding it tighter with each step.
Today's loud world turned into an orchestra, accompanying our spontaneous slow dance which soon it became a waltz.
Dancing with him surrounded by lots of dark, hidden thoughts of our minds were actually the only moments when everything from outside's universe was gone except for his cold gaze on me and his warm touch. Life felt beautiful and pure; silent but not scary, in fact, those were the only times when I was letting myself looking on the bright side of tomorrow because I was imagining him next to me.
With each of our random wrong steps, each hesitant smile between us, I was greeting him in places of my indoors world where nobody's footprint ever been before. With each other dead minute of the night, the sun made its way through the window's glass. As I blinked, looked at it and turned my view to face him again, I found myself alone thus I knew he was present only in the back of my mind for yet another night, one of countless others. Therefore I wish he would know how tired I am to cradle him in my heart when I live to hold him in my arms.