i'm wearing my best clothes tonight
and singing my best melody
i have the scent of Chanel tonight
won't you like to smell it on me?

seems like you won't...

there's this song, reminds me of you
it's on repeat tonight
i think it must be hard on you
but i promise i am so very fine

seems like i am not...

i think it suppose to be happy night
but somehow i'm black
for last time i'm playing for you tonight
so won't you come back?

seems like you won't...

but happy new year
even though it'll be without me
does it even hurt
knowing that tomorrow
you won't have me

and i am sorry
i wish you the best
and i am sorry

happy new year
happy, happy new year
it was the last day of our love
cause tomorrow
i promise
i'll forget you
so won't you