💗I’m not surprised that #lovethyneighbor is a trending topic online and in social media.💗We value empathy and compassion in our society. But, two key words missing in the trending hashtag #lovethyneighbor. • You shall love thy neighbor as yourself•But by adding the words ‘as yourself,’ we run into a problem. If we loved our neighbor as we love ‘ourselves’ there wouldn’t be as much love going around. Why?
85% of the populations suffers from self-doubt and low self-esteem. 💐Our parents, teachers, and clergy planted the seeds of low self-esteem in our childhood.💐 •They wanted us to learn the societal rules for functioning in adulthood. And the rules tell us to, think of others first, take the high road and to turn the other cheek.• They reinforced the importance of self-effacing behaviors and discouraged selfish behaviors. •Adults reprimanded us if we boasted, bragged, or were too big for our britches. And in turn we’re praised when we’re courteous, quiet and obliging . 📌 By the time we’re teenagers, we internalized two core beliefs
Putting others first = ‘good’ person. Putting yourself before others = ‘bad’ person. ❓How do self-doubt and low self-esteem play out in adulthood? ❓📌Adults with low self-esteem don’t allow their partners choose what they want without demanding that their partner meets their expectations.📌The reason is self-value is directly related to how much love you have for others. If the YOU in YOU is someone unloved by YOU, then giving love is not possible. If you’re secure in who you are, you neither want or need others to be like you. 😍Loving yourself means that giving love is not part of a bigger scheme, there are no gimmicks or expectations😍. 🧒🏻Our core beliefs from childhood are not easy to outgrow.🧒🏻