So, I'll admit, I'm completely obsessed with TV series. If I find a series I love, I'll sit their and binge it until I'm finished. Once I am I'll completely obsess over the cast and everything about it.

Here are some of my favourite things I've watched:

Stranger Things

This series has to be my favourite. It's a sci-fi drama in which a boy goes missing. Now you may be put off by the sci-fi part or the fact it has many child actors but please don't. This show will literally please everyone with it's drama, intriguing characters and unique plot. Every person I know has without a doubt loved it. I really recommend.

stranger things, eleven, and mike wheeler image

The 100

The 100 isn't that popular, yet it really should be. It's based in the future where 100 teenagers are sent down to earth after living in space. It follows the story of main character Clarke along with others as they find ways to survive. The 100 made me cry and smile countless times and if you can I would definitely say to watch it.

the 100 and eliza taylor image


SKAM is a Norwegian series based on the lives of 4 different individuals. Each season is based around a new person where you learn about their struggles of things like school, love and sexuality. You really start to connect to the characters and it's truly a heart-warming show.

skam, even, and isak image

So those are probably my top 3 things I've ever watched but without the extra information here are some other series I love:

Anne with an e

anne shirley, ginger, and pretty image

The vampire Diaries

delena, tvd, and the vampire diaries image

Pretty Little Liars

aesthetic, hoodie, and anonymous image

Jane the Virgin

jane the virgin image