I tried. I really tried to get hype for BTs but it just won't get any better

I mean, between Chloe angst/abandonment/daddy issue, the unhealthy friendship with Cheater 2.0 Rachel Amber and the text-to-speech robotic voices of the voice actors in the last ep, I feel like the producers only made this crap milk out a little more the fans of the game.

Or maybe they are still debating whether to give us a plausible two sequel of Life is strange since we had two ending in the first game.

Sacrifice arcadia bay -> Chloe survives and travels away with max
Sascrifice Chloe -> Max stays in arcadia bay

that's why I feel like they shot themselves without even realising. Or they'll just give us the b*llsh*t ending of the last ep even if we had two seperate choices. Tell the truth or lie. either way it doesn't change the outcome because she still keep living with them and...dies.(spoiler)

anyway, I feel like most of fans look at C&R relationship with blindfolds, purposely ignoring the facts that R is a cheater (Frank&Jefferson) and shamefuly lies to chloe for years untill max discover and tell chloe about it. I mean are you serious? are you that superficial?

and the most painful thing about this prequel is Chloe constantly guilt tripping her mom over and over. what a great daughter. Clearly she loved her dad more than her mom but that is not an excuse to ignore and treat the way she does.

Seriously, enough of this 'Rachel's amazing, she deserves so much better!' bullshit. Joyce Motherfucking Price is the one who deserves better, in this game series. I don't even like him much either, but thank God for David being there to make her happy and appreciated.