We've all wondered what it woud be like to have friends from all around the world because its cool asf and why not. I've seen so many videos on youtube about internt friends meeeting and it made me want to make some of my own good o'l friends. This is just a blog of talking about the good side and obviously the bad side of making internet friends and to also clear out the stigma that comes with having internet friends. So firstly I'm going to start with the general definition of an internet friend.

Internet friends are friends we communicate with largely on the internet because we aren't fortunate enough to see them everyday or every week. This can be a friend who moved away from you or someone you simply met on the internet, Its pretty much the same thing and you might get to see them once a year. There are a lot of people who question these 'friends' simply stating that they aren't real or that you're being catfished ( I know I have gone through this) because as much as we'd like to say no, that will never happen , it probably will happen in your lifetime if youj aren't careful, but there's a bright side to it.

Adavantages of having an internet friend
1.) Getting to know someone with a different culture and language. This will expand the way you think as you can get a better and different view of the world just by talking to someone in a different setting.
2.) The excitement that comes with seeing their face the first time, hearing their voice and facetiming each other for hours is pretty amazing
3.) The feeling you get when you get to meet them and hold them for the first time. I literally screamed like a walrus and jumped on them when I met one of my internet friends because its such a beautiful feeling when you finally touch them after talking for so long.

So during my many yeasrs of making internet friends I've come to know some few tips and tricks to stay on the safe side. Here's a few sites you can use that are safe if you want to make friends.
1.) Tumblr - I can't say this enough but this is really one of the safest sites to make internet friends because its literally just an app for teenagers.
FINDTEENPENPALS - http://findteenpenpals.com/ This site is literally my favourite of alll time because I got to meet so many beatiful souls this year and it was pretty amazing. You get to submit somethin about yourself on this site, like your hobbies and likes, and like minded people will message you and voila - a beautiful friendship
When you submit I advice you to put social media's like Twitter, your good old fashioned email, or your tumblr account and when you're now comfortable you can give them your personal information for example Snapchat, your phone number or your instagram.
2.) PENPALCULTURE - https://www.penpalculture.com/ This site was created by a fellow teenager called
Cara Giulia who made a site to make it easier and safer for people to meet internet friends. She is also the foundet of the tumblr blog findteenpenpals and her website is literally amazing .

3.) WeHeartIt -This is the place to make friends with like minded people who love the same things you like. I've met a bunch of people on this and literally one of my favouritest people plus you get to look at awesome pictures and memes while youre at it.

4.) Instagram -I've seen some pages on there that you can submit to to make friends with people around the world and even nearby or in your town. If youre looking for a big turn out of potential friends then thats the place for you because loads of people follow these pages but just be careful, you might get catfished by people.

These are literally the only websites I know that are safe. there might be more !

Now to the bad sides of making internet friends!

-Don't share personal information if youre not sure about the person , it might be fun but you never know what might happen to you. If you've ever heard about the Amanda Todd story , you'll know what I'm saying.
-Don't try to meet people on the internet from sites like Reddit , Whisper and Kik , These are sites that can make you feel comfortable that you're anonymous but you might meet people that aren't who they say they are. So be careful of that.

Other than that, enjoy making new friendships and growing new relationships. And feel free to comment or send me any messages asking more about this. If you have any websites or experiences that you think will be beneficial to others Please don't hesitate you send me a message:)

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