Haven't you listened to Palm Trees & Power Lines yet? Trust me, you're missing something awesome. Hurry up, subscribe to their YouTube channel and listen to their latest single. I know, I know. No need to thank me.

And I'm not only talking about their high-energy sound, that fuses pop and punk influences, even if it's pretty incredible. What I'm actually talking about is the importance they give to inspiration.

Florida-based rock band Palm Trees & Power Lines (a.k.a. PTPL) started playing together in 2012 and features Florida natives Josh Cravey (vocals/guitar), Shafer Tasso (vocals/guitar), Kyle Bailey (bass) and Christian Parrales (drums).
Palm Trees & Power Lines released their first EP, High Hopes, in November 2013. Well received, the band gained local notoriety before fans thrust them into the national spotlight by voting them to play the 2014 Vans Warped Tour show in Orlando. This caught the attention of rock station X102.9, who further promoted the band in a series of on-air interviews, along with Internet radio’s Fearless Radio, Pup Fresh, and The Quinn Spin.

Their tunes are inspired by a well-balanced mix of worldwide known artists, as 5 Seconds of Summer and Fall Out Boys and I have to admit that I used to be obsessed with them when I was 14 years old, and it was a pleasure meeting them again! As a matter of fact, I got the chance to interview them via Twitter. They immediately appeared outgoing young guys, extremely humble and open to new experiences. In a few words: inspirational people.

Can you describe your daily routine?

We follow a quite average routine. We practice our songs and come out with new ideas for our performances, which is usually followed by some songwriting inspiration. Then... We'll typically grab some food and hang out afterward. And with hang out we actually mean playing video games. But it has to remain a secret!

Where do you find inspiration?

We usually get inspired by listening to our favorite artists and simply playing around on our instruments until a new idea pops out in our heads. You know, just a little idea for a melody or a lyric brought up by someone can turn into a brand new song within a couple of hours.

Do you write songs about actual people or situations or you use your imagination?

It certainly depends on the song. Some of them are very personal, while others are referred to a situation that we haven't experienced in the first place, but by a close friend or a beloved one. And some songs are just inspired by experiences we wish we could have or describe a situation we could easily see ourselves in.

Always talking about inspiration, do you know that you inspire your fans to write stories or even books about you? Have you ever read a fanfiction about you?

Of course we have, and they're pretty hilarious! We have had some great laughs reading them. A lot of which feature us being in a love affair or a romance with each other... Could you imagine?

- M

Well. I decided to bring a new format to this platform, to celebrate 2018. I'll try to interview a not so known artist, hopefully, suggested by YOU, and talk with it about INSPIRATION. Send me a postcard and let me know if you like this idea and which artist should I pick next. If you want to provide me with a brief description of the artist you want to see next, write an article about it with this tag #InspirationalSmallTalksArtists

Before I go, I have to thank PTPL: they've been full of kindness and I think they're really talented. Always ready to reply to DMs on Twitter and to talk with fans. They deserve everything in this world!

Live, love, heart