Written by a person who hadn't known what k-pop was until seven dorks dominated and touched the hearts of many.

BTS dominates the stage with powerful lyrics about political issues & how one should accept themselves (as well as others). They are also not afraid to dis haters....Just check Cypher and Mic Drop, you will understand.

They aren't a group because of a contract but because they WANT to be together and see each other succeed, as a group and as an individual artist.

As Taehyung (a member) once said, they "purple us", their fans. It means they trust and love us. They reach out to us through their YouTube channel, Twitter, Vlive, and lyrics. Trying all that they can to become closer with us. Jeez, they even buy food for their fans before stage performances. With their own money and not from their staff. They adore us.

They are people who came different cities in South Korea. They are from humble beginnings, who worked harder than anyone else and who accomplished more than just their dream. Even though they were belittled and hated because they were from a poor/small company, I'm glad they believe in themselves more :"( They are now a global sensation.

It doesn't matter what language they speak, because they teach people to be open minded; "music is universal." It is not about the language barriers. Its whether you connect with the lyrics & enjoy the beat.

The fans come from many origins around the world. We are known as ARMY. A name given to us by BTS. The fans connect together on twitter. Whether its trending a hashtag for BTS or (just between ARMY) playing choice games with one another...Because of our strong bond and friendship, we have given each other nicknames. Korean fans are called K-Diamonds and international fans are called I-Army.

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