To the readers I will be starting a club for the people who like my others and or this post

To join you MUST have at least liked one of my posts and to ensure you want to join the club tag memerteamer in your post if I like it your in if I don’t you can still try

A contest of who post the most with the memerteamer tag or if I like it will get to take over my channel for a day if you win or get my like follow me so I can send my password so you know it’s not a lie

Challenge starts tomorrow
Do not beg
Do not post racial slurs
Each post you do make it clear your not me
Do not put inappropriate pictures
No selfies
Do not post selfies
Do not pee on the floor
No lies
After a day instantly give channel back
Do not slap pandas do not change password without my permission
If you want my channel beg me for it I may give it to you I will instantly chang password after challenge ends so you cannot keep the channel
Follow rules
Do not break law
I know there are a lot of rule but they are necessary to the challenge