2017 is coming to an end,This year I was a total wreck. I lost myself in seas of sadness, hopelessness and loneliness. Now 2018 is here, I plan on recovering and finding happiness.Here are my goals for 2018:

1. Drink more water

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The benefits of water are endless. It flushes out toxins,boosts the immune system, promotes weight loss and improves the skin. I plan to drink 4 bottles of water everyday

2. Get closer to God

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Last year I distanced myself from God because I felt let down, there were several occasions where I needed Him and He wasn't there,This year I hope to rebuild our relationship because I miss Him.

3. Write more poetry

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4. Take care of my hair

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Grow hair, grow

5. Get my dream body

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I'm working on achieving a flat stomach, wider hips and muscular legs

6. Make some real friends

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This is important to me because I was really lonely in 2017

7. Continue playing the piano

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8. Create more art

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9. Take care of my face

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Cleansing, exfoliation, moisture, face masks e.t.c

10. Find my sense of style

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11. Become more flexible

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12. Get good grades

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13. Learn some Spanish

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14. Find a lover? maybe

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I'm not going man hunting or anything but movies like the titanic, the notebook, a walk to remember and me before you make love seem pretty neat even if it's only temporary.

15. Just to be pure and happy

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Ii want to radiate positive energy and I want to be overflowing in love, I also want to genuinely smile.This by far is my most important goal

So that's it, wish me luck. I hope you all have a great year and never stop dreaming