Hello beautiful readers

For my last article for 2017, I decided to write some tips to make your 2018 better.

If you want to have an "angelic" aesthetic, you can follow these simple tips.

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Keep your room clean

Clean up your room, open the windows every weekend in order to refresh the air, organise your desk and makeup. Extra points if you spray some mist to make it smell nice

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Find your smell

Find the perfume you like and wear it on places where your pulse is stronger. Decide what smells you prefer and seek for perfumes with these smells. for example mine are fruity smells or vanilla or rose and my favourite perfumes are Chanel Chance eau vive and Chance eau de toilette, La vie est belle by Lancôme, L'eau by Jimmy Choo and Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

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Take care of yourself

Drink lots of water, fruits and vegetables, but also dark chocolate. Treat yourself with a nice hot chocolate or a sweet thing. Also, don't forget. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so try not to miss it.

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Do things about yourself

Do some face masks, paint your nails, change your haircut, buy new clothes and give your old ones to charity or friends.

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Read more

Read more books, visit museums, go out in the city and eat at a restaurant. Watch a lot of movies in the cinema and have some fun.

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Take more photos

Photographs are visual memories you can touch. Take more photos of things you love, small things, food, animals, stragers etc.

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Sleep well

Stop using your phone or watching videos half an hour before going to sleep, take a hot shower to relax, and read a book to fall asleep easily. Buy some silk pyjamas, they're soft and comfortable and don't have your hair pulled back too tightly.

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That was it.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

Happy New Year Everyone! May all your wishes come true
xxx, Alc @lalunetlesetoiles


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