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This year I`ve learned so much about myself and about the people next to me. I`ve learned to be strong and to let go the one that I thought that I love. There is no love when just she loves him. It happen to me. But I had the power to understand that he doesn`t love me back and now I am happy because I think this was a part of my growing up.

Finishing highschool was such an emotional moment because a chapter ended and a new one has begun.

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I met this beautiful man, named Gautier Capucon, at the George Enescu Festival! <3

I became more independent and I descoverd people that I didn`t expect to have fun with. I`ve learned to accept people no matter waht and to understand them. Going to college was a new experience for me and I didn`t think that I will integrate , but actually it`s going pretty well.

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GOODBYE 2017! Thank you for all the lessons and the experiences. <3


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I hope 2018 will bring us peace, love and happiness. I want to start bulding my life in this new year! I want a refreshing start with great opportunities and exeperiences!