I have been contemplating writing for months now (years even), and today I finally had the courage and inspiration to do it. I read all these amazing articles/ wattpad stories and rethink the decision to just share some of my work. Reading all these articles and wattpad stories made me feel like there are already enough bad ass writers out there, and I thought that my work was not good enough. One of the things that discouraged me from writing, the fear of not being good enough and worrying about people’s response to my article, but today, something changed from within me and here I am, doing what I love most in the world, writing.

The title is befitting because I chose to just do it today and get it over and done with. The reason I’m doing this is that next year l actually want to write short stories and post them on wattpad. I realised today that all these months that I have been battling with myself about writing, I am my biggest enemy. I put all these ideas into my head and I listen to the negative side of my brain.

This year, do what you love to do guys, you never know what might come of it.

This may be my only article on WHI, but at least I built up the courage to do what I love and I can say that I have no regrets. I just hope that I leave you guys with something to think about for the year 2018.

Remember that you can do it, all you need is inspiration, motivation and an “I Can Do It” attitude.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!