We all have those days where we are bored, so here are a few things you can do if your bored!

  • Write in a journal

Write down things you did during your day or write down thoughts of a recent events

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  • Take a Bath

Take a long relaxing bath with your favorite bath bomb

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  • Try Out A New DIY Craft

Look up DIY videos on YouTube and create something fun!

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  • Practice Some Photography

Go out for a walk and take pictures of anything you see on the way ( flowers, dogs, butterflies, a house, the sky, etc )

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  • Start A YouTube Channel

Start making videos of things you enjoy ( makeup, fashion, photography, vlogs, sports, etc )

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  • Camp Out in Your Backyard

Buy a small tent and grab a few pillows and blankets and read a book in your tent!

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  • Plan A Trip

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Disney World or Paris, plan a trip to go sometime!

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  • Paint a Portrait

Paint a picture of a close friend or maybe one of your family memebers!

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  • Learn a New Language

Find an online class to learn a new language! ( French, Chinese, Spanish, Mandarin, etc )

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  • Start A Scrapbook

Collect things wherever you go and paste / write about them in your scrapbook! ( flowers, bird feathers, rocks, coins, etc )

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  • Bake Something New

Bake a sweet treat that you’ve never tried or maybe make a smoothie! ( brownies, cupcakes, macaroons, etc )

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  • Paint Your Nails

Grab your favorite nail polish colors and sit down and watch Netflix or YouTube while painting them!

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  • Write a Poem

Write something meaningful about you, something, or someone you love!

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  • Clean Your Room/House

Maybe you’ve been busy all week and your room/house is a mess!

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Thanks for reading! I hope these things can help you out when your super bored!

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Bella ♡
Bella ♡