2017, it's still not over but soon it will be, soon it'll be just a memory of happiness, heartbreak, growth, friendships, first times, relationships, love, and hatred. I speak for all of us when I say it was definitely a year to remember the changes and events that I've endured I would have never predicted, but that's the thing about a new year, isn't it? the uncertainty of what to come, who you'll meet and who you'll become in the months ahead and that's fun of it all. It's like a game everyone one you meet along the way affects your character and all the events that have taken place lead you to were you are now, and you don't realize that everything happens for a reason until now and you ended up spending so many nights of the year crying over thing that don't even matter anymore. So here's what I learned from my sleepless nights spent crying over nothing.

1. CHOOSE YOURSELF, every single time no matter what or who you don't owe anything to anyone.

2. BE KIND, kindness is a choice, not a trait, so many people are going through so many things you have no clue about, choose to be kind.

3.SMILE, smile goddamit, trust me by the end of the year none of the pain will hurt or matter anymore, hold on and focus on the good.

4.ACCEPTANCE, this year I learned to just accept things, accept things you cant change, people that leave, let them go and let things change.

5.EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, all the pain and all the love lead you somewhere.

6.DONT APOLOGIZE FOR HOW YOU FEEL, stop apologizing for how you feel, you feel that way for a reason and no one can tell you otherwise.

7. CLOSURE, something I went into 2017 believing and leaving in 2017 is the idea of cutting people off, I feel like so many of us came into the year with that attitude and I hope we all leave it behind, everything you "cut off" comes back eventually , deal with your past so you can move forward in your future.

thank for reading I hope you take these facts in a way that can benefit you and I wish everyone a happy new year, I have a feeling this year it's going to be a good one.- xoxoxo, moola