Recently I have gotten back into to reading, so I decided that I would do an article about my top three favourite books. My list will only be about stand alone books, but I will post another article about my favourite book series soon.

1. Finding Audrey
Finding Audrey is about a girl who has had a bad experience and no longer goes outside the safety of her house. But one day she meets her brother’s friend Linus and everything changes, Audrey finally has hope that things might actually get better.

I loved this book! I read it over a year ago and I still remember sitting there for hours trying to finish it in one day. I loved the characters, I felt like everyone could sort of relate to the family in their own way. You should definitely read this book!

2. The sky is everywhere
The sky is everywhere is about a girl called Lennie who is coping with her older sisters death, she is also torn between two boys. Toby who understood what she was going through and could comfort her. Or Joe a new boy full of life and happiness who distracted her from all the bad things happening around her.

This book is amazing! It took me a few chapters to get into the book, but after I couldn’t put it down. The book made me care about the characters, it made me feel sorry for them and made me want to never stop reading it.

3. I was here
I was here is about a girl called Cody who is trying to find out why her best friend Meg, who she had shared everything with, had killed her self. She goes to Megs college and finds out that Meg had been keeping a lot of secrets from Cody, and she was going to find out what they where.

This book was great!! I just loved how the book was set, I loved how they where college kids and they Cody went on a road trip to try and find out more information about Meg. It had me on the edge of my seat, and I loved every second of it! you should definitely read this book!