Hi, my lovelies. I really wanted to share the songs that make me happy when I'm down. I hope you enjoy.

Who Says by Selena Gomez

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This song really helps me feel more confident and honestly, I'm in love with Selena.

Better Days by Hedley

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This song makes me feel strong and reminds me that better days are not far away.

If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow

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This song reminds me that I don't need other peoples opinions on what I'm doing. As long as it makes me happy that's all that matters.

Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia

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This song keeps me strong. It makes me feel like I can conquer anything life throws at me. It helps me get through the mean comments from people. It makes me feel titanium like the song says.

Junk Of The Heart (Happy) by The Krooks

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Honestly, this song just makes me really happy.

I hope you liked this article and the songs. Have a wonderful day and be happy.