Hello, sweetheart! How's life treating you at this leg of the year? I hope eeeverything goes as good as you desire. In the meantime, I leave you here the second part of this challenge.

Here we go!

My first Memory

I think everybody has a first memory of being a child, in the park, with the family, something like that.

And I think I do too.

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My furthest memory takes place in kindergarten. The place was so small but so big for a 2yo girl at the same time.

I don't know very well how this story starts, but I remember being running in order not to be catched by this girl, Lorena.

She was my best friend. Could you believe we were friends for a long time?

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Yes, were.

But this is not that moment. I already have something planned for this Lorena issue.

Going back to the memory, I run, jumped, I even pushed other kids. Everything was OK if Lorena couldn't catch me.

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Such a proper footage.

Next thing I remember is my mom, yelling at everybody.

How can you be so wet? She just turned me around and around.

She's such an athlete Smiled the teacher.

But unfortunately, that prodigious athlete girl never got herself into competition teams, or trainning teams. She just ended up hating P.E.

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Our sweetest memories are nothing but that. Simple photographs, indistinct voices, sitcom's laughs and an exagerated fantasy of our brain. Which is really fond on creating an illusion.

Oh, thank you, brain. As you gave me a great first memory.