1. Study

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Study together with friends
I think everyone likes to study with friends before an exam. Last year, I often met friends to learn and we did nothing. I know exactly with who of my friends I can learn, so I want to stop lying to myself and only met these friends for studying.

Have an A in an english exam
This is a very personal point, but I think everyone has one subject where this could be possible with studying.

2. Organization

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Write a to-do-list for each day
I think I don't have to explain this:-)

Clean up my room for 10 minutes per day
My room is a mess and I think this is a really easy way saving time and get organized.

Save 5$ every month
I want to save money to travel and for my drivers license.

3. Fun

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These are some ideas:
-do a podcast
-start writing a story and don’t quit
-have a pillow fight
-snow angel
-recreate a photo from me as a baby
-learn a dance from an official music video
-go to a festival
-go to a concert
-write articles more often
-heart 200 images per month
-restart drawing
-read 10 books


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I know this isn't much, but it's a start and i want to care more about other persons. So here are my first ideas:

Be kind
You never know the whole story of somebody, so words can really hurt and you will notice that it is good for you to be kind, too.

Buy a blanket for a homeless person
Blankets aren't that cheap and you can change a life by helping people. This is only an example. Everything you can do for helping would be great!

Make another person’s biggest wish come true
I don't really know how to explain this, but I think it would make everyone happy to see how happy somebody is because of you.

Do a working experience in a kindergarten
A working experience is always a good choice and you will learn very much about others when you're doing it in a social job. Additionally, it looks very good on every CV. My choice was a kindergarten, but you can choose the job you want for yourself.


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These are my personal points, but I think everyone can add some of them to their lists.

Take my medicaments regularly
I have to take medicamets whicharen't necessary for me, so I often forgot them and didn't care about taking them. Medicaments are created to heal humans and everyone who gets the choce to take them should appreciate it.

To eat healthier
-One apple a day
-Less sugar
-Drink enough-and only water, no soda or coke
-become a vegetarian
I know that become a vegetarian isn't healthier. It's my choice and I just wanted to add this to eating. So please don't comment on other peoples choice of eating unless it's dangerous and will make them sick.

-Create a new morning routine with yoga
-Become more flexible
-Go jogging every week twice
-Learn boxing
-Sit less

Stick to my skin cleaning routine
Everyone should have one. On WHI there are great articles, so go find yourself the best for your skin.

Love my body
Important, important, important! And difficult for everyone, so it's nearly everyone' goal...

Be motivated

Relax and drink tee once in every week
A good cup of tea can solve just about everything.

Get enough sleep
I know it's difficult, but we all know how important it is.

So this is it,I hope I could inspire you for your list and please heart my article when you liked it.
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