I could rumbling all day to you about my New Year's resolutions!About all the small things that I never do and want to change, but I don't want to dedicate this article to these silly things!
It's ok if you drunk just 2 glasses of water one day,
It's ok if you skipped your breakfast once or twice,
It's ok if you were lazy and didn't clean your room so often,
It's ok if you weren't working out as much as you should,
It's ok if you overslept sometimes until 2 pm.!
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We are all humans, we can't be perfect all the time!
We have our moments...embrace those moments!
Don't be so hard on yourself!
But you know what's not ok? If you went back on your dreams if you were afraid to chase them...
If you have to change one thing this year, change that!
That's what I want to do!
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My New Year's Resolutions
  • ➳ Step out of your comfort zone
I am someone that enjoys staying in the shadows, to remain invisible....at least I was!I don't want to be that person anymore, I want to INSPIRE, to CREATE, to SHARE! I already took a step that leads me closer to my goal by starting writing articles here on whi!But I want to do more, so much more...
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  • ➳ Stop hoping, start working for your future
Nothing stops you to be creative, passionate, talented!So stop dreaming of the person you could be, work hard and show the world what you can do!You can get where you wish to, you can do it!
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  • ➳ Make more things that make you happy
We all have responsibilities but don't waste all your time and effort on those!I always stress so much for all the things that I have to do, that I forget to make those that bring me joy!
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  • ➳ Stop finding excuses
If you want to do something do it!I feel like sometimes I trap myself in an invisible cage.I am always saying:
"I can't do that, I don't have the money" or
"I am not smart enough, I won't make it"
I become my own enemy, I create the walls...no one else, there is nothing that you can't do!
I am who I am and I am happy!
I have what I have and I am happy!
Start from low and make your way up!
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  • ➳ Do one thing every day, that brings you closer to your dream
It doesn't matter how big or small it will be.What matters is that you are trying, you are working as hard as you can every day, you are not giving up!
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"Be the girlboss that you are meant to be!"

I hope that you got some inspiration!Do you relate to any of these?Feel free to send me a message or a postcard.See ya soon xixixi ❤️

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