➤ quick lil intro + some background info on me

this is only the second article i've written here! first one was actually a journal entry kinda deal where i was ALSO talking abt testosterone hbhfbhvbfhh

so like, obv i dont expect yall to know a whole lot about me, but i figured it'd be helpful to know at least a little bit about me in order to like.... appreciate and understand the article fully i guess lmao

some key points / things to note -

  • i'm 18 years old and live in the US (Virginia, to be exact)
  • i started testosterone 9/16/17 and as of this article the date is 12/29/17
  • i was able to access HRT thru Planned Parenthood, but from what i understand they do not offer this service at every Planned Parenthood, so it depends on where you live

➤ my experience

basically, testosterone saved my damn life; my dysphoria has gone down by a huge deal, i'm far more comfortable in my body, and as long as i've got my binder on in public i'm rarely (if ever) misgendered by complete strangers!

and this is coming from someone whose appearance was formerly extremely feminine, to the point where (pre-T) i had been told by another trans man that i might as well give up on the thought of even going on testosterone because, according to him, i would never pass as male

Image by 𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕖𝕕 ・゚✧*:・゚✧
(me, pre-T vs 2 months on T)

well, funny how that turned out, huh? he was totally wrong

so, before i move onto the next subject i'm gonna need to warn yall that its probably a bit tmi for most, but definitely helpful if you're someone who wants to go on testosterone but would like more in-depth info on the changes from someone who has actually experienced it, rather than just the little list of changes your doctor might give you

➤ some of the notable changes + pros and cons

1. VOICE. your voice deepens VERY quickly! i started noticing it changing only a week after my first injection!

pros: relieved a lot of my dysphoria, my voice is indistinguishable from that of a cis man, this change cant be reversed even if you have to stop testosterone

cons: if singing is one of your talents there's no guarantee it's gonna stay that way (i used to have a pretty good singing voice but don't anymore), your voice is gonna crack on occasion since you're essentially going thru puberty again

2. FACIAL + BODY HAIR. i'd say this bit kicked in after the first month or so! testosterone makes it way easier to grow facial hair, but ofc its still the kinda thing that varies from person to person, and personally? mine doesn't grow as fast as i had hoped it would, and i can sorta liken it to the kind of facial hair middle school boys get lmao, and as for the body hair- you'll probably start to notice that way later, but what you DO have already will darken a bit, it'll be thicker, and it'll appear in places that cis males typically get it as well that you may not be accustomed to (ex. thighs, belly, etc)

pros: facial hair assists in passing and just looks good if you're into that kinda thing

cons: depends on your genetics but the hair on your head could potentially thin, facial hair takes FOREVER to grow

3. THE SITUATION IN YOUR PANTS. ok so like, nobody ever wants to talk about this bit but YES, your clitoris grows! it starts (noticably) changing after around the 2 month mark, where it'll essentially start looking like a small penis

pros: relieved some degree of dysphoria (for me, at least)

cons: after a certain point (if you haven't already) you're gonna need to start wearing boxers because i can tell you right now you're not gonna be comfortable in female underwear

➤ a closing message

well that's my article! but before i end it for real i wanna let yall know that if you ever need more information / support / whatever on this topic, you're always welcome to message me with questions and i will answer them as best i can!

seeing as i'm only a little over 3 months on T, there's still some changes i have yet to go through, and my experience is relatively limited in that respect, but overall? my experiences here will hopefully be helpful to someone out there!

but anyways, thanks for reading! wishing yall the best in 2018! bye!