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💻 here are some of my favorites TV shows ever :

1. Stranger Things
Stranger things is my favorite TV show ever. I love the way the filmmakers use to connect us with the actors. The actors are very young, they're a team of 4 teenagers. The fact that they're young connect us more with them, because we can relate a lot with some things they do. I love series with fantastic things and supernatural effects. I really advise you stranger things if you like this type of series, just like me.

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2. Narcos
Narcos is about the history of drug dealers in Colombia. I love this TV shows because I love the story of Pablo Escobar, which is the principal character in the serie, in seasons 1 & 2. I usually dont like series based on true events, but Narcos is one of the best tv show ever. I advise this TV show to you if you're interested in drug dealers and Colombia.

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