Hi there lovely hearters of the WHI community!
With 2018 around the corner, it is time for our annual New Year's resolutions writing. Normally I would write down my resolutions somewhere in a notebook, think about them for the first 3 months, forget about them for the rest of the year and then, in December, evaluate on what things of the list I have accomplished that year (spoiler alert, I only achieved like, half of a resolution) Back in January this year, I told myself: 'Fuck it, this year I will fulfil each and every one of them goddammit.'

And I did it! I accomplished every single resolution on my list! Here you will find how I achieved all of my goals for 2017 and how you are going to realize all of your dreams in 2018. Together we are going to slay 2k18!

Part 1: The stepplan
Part 2: Slaying 2018

PART 1: The stepplan

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Step 1: 'General resolutions'
And by 'general resolutions' I mean, the first thing you think about when you write them. Things like 'Glowing up' for example.

Step 2: Sub tasks
Once you've made your list of general resolutions, you can start making sub-tasks for them. The key here is to be very specific! Think about what that NYR means to you. Take the example of Glowing up as NYR again. What do you mean by that? What are the steps you have to take to accomplish that NYR?

1. Glowing up
*Clear up my skin
*Take better care of my hair
*Improve my wardrobe

See? Where getting somewhere already!

Step 3: Be precise in how you are going to achieve those sub tasks
This step is basically step 2, only a little more specific.
Hearters, precision is key in accomplishing your NYR 'cause if you're not clear in what you want, you just won't get it. So now we've got our sub tasks, we are going to make suggestions and come up with ideas as how to reach them.

So, with glowing up you should get something like this for instance

1. Glowing up
*Clear up my skin
- Do research on skin care products
- Go to a dermatologist
- Go to a beautician regularly
- Make a skin care routine
*Take better care of my hair
- Go to the hairdresser frequently
- Do research on hair products
- Wash my hair more often/ less
- Don't use a lot of heat on my hair
- Use a hair mask weekly
*Improve my wardrobe
-Search for inspiration on WeHeartIt
-Buy more basics
-Look at the quality of clothing, not the price
-Don't shop at the same store too often
-Make a list of clothing to buy
-Buy necessities

And there you go! Now this one resolution may seem a very long and hard, but if you know what to do to finish those sub-tasks, you will complete them and so complete your resolutions!

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PART 2: Slaying 2018

In this part I will tell you what my New Year's Resolutions are and how I’m planning on achieving them. Perhaps you can get some inspiration out of it for your own resolutions?

Before I get started, I decided it would be a fun thing to make a vision board for 2018. I even made a collection for it on WeHeartIt, so if you want to see it, it's down below!

Back to the point, it seemed like a nice little thing to do and be creative and it’s also great to keep myself motivated and inspired!

Image by Leonie Madleen

So, my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 are:

1. Do more things with my friends
2017 has been a busy year for me, most of the time I was working on school and if I wasn’t I was netflixing on my own. For 2018 I hope to spend more time with my friends because they are probably the most important people in my life right now.

• Hang out with them more
- Go studying together after school
- Chill together on a Friday night
- Celebrate carnival together
- Go to festivals together
- Go to schoolparties
- Go shopping with them more often
- Go lunch together somewhere
- Go bowling or do something else active

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2. Live a healthier life
Of course, I had to include this one. Living healthy is very important but also quite difficult. I guess this will be the hardest resolution for me to accomplish, since I really have a sweet tooth and I don’t particularly like exercising. But I’m going to give it a 100% and we’ll see if 2018 is going to be the year I’m finally getting a little healthier.

• Watch my diet
- Keep a food journal
- Tone down on junk food
- Only eat chips/ crisps once a week
- Eat less desserts after dinner
- Find more healthy recipes
- Only drink water! No more lemonade or fizzy drinks
- Buy less unhealthy things in school
- Stay motivated by focussing and reading more about healthy food
- Find substitutes for food I just cannot live without
- Have a meatless Monday

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• Exercise more
- Exercise 2-3 times a week
- Join a gym
- Walk my dog longer
- Take more long walks (well I hate running so this is the alternative for me)
- Go walking somewhere instead of bicycling
- Do more short workouts between homework

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• Sleep more and better
- Sleep at least 8 hours a day
- Wake up earlier, even on Sunday
- Have a ‘sleep routine’
- Go to bed earlier

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3. Do more with my social media
Upgrading my instagram is something I should have done earlier, but can you think of a better moment than at the start of a new year?
• Post more
- Create an Instragram feed
- Update when something ‘special’ happens like Christmas or New Year

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• Improve the pictures
- Lift up my selfie game
- Take more pictures
- Have more ‘photoshoots’
- Touch up the photos a little with apps like VSCO

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This was my first article on Weheartit, I hope you hearters enjoyed it and found it useful!

x-x-x Lisanne