le drugs - birthday
"your favorite record took you home"

ghosts - jeremy zucker
"I didn't know you were golden
'til I tore your heart open"

naked as we came - iron & wine
"she says if I leave before you darling
don't you waste me in the ground"

shadow - wild nothing
"iId go with you if you asked me to
but we wouldn't get too far"

1000x - jarryd james
"tell me that love is enough
the seas will be parted for us"

never find me - somedaydream
"Ionely, that's how you'll find me
when you see it fit to leave me"

changed - jp saxe
"now that you're just something to explain
why accepting love is hard for me some days"

carin at the liquor store - the national
"it wasn't so bad, I wasn't that sick
got taken by love, I wasn't that quick"

hold - dabin, daniela andrade
"who are we to call each other selfish lovers?
we all need someone to hold"

home is where the haunt is - american football
"some things never change
maybe that's okay"

somebody you found - the japanese house
"and I wrapped you around me like a blanket
I hate it, I hate myself"

touch - shura
"there's a love between us still
but something's changed and I don't know why"

you - wrenn
"I'm so scared quiet lover, can't keep my voice down
soon the whole world will know I don't do good in crowds"