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I hope you guys are proud of this year. Of what you've done, of who you've been. I can honestly tell you that I am. This year has been so rough, and I think we should all be proud of how far we've come. Because of that I wanted to write about what I appreciated this year.

What has happened this year?

  • Walking with my friend in many of the evenings
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It was so awesome, because we could tell each other everything we had stuck in our minds.
  • My birthday
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My friends had a surprise for me and we stayed up till 12 AM together, amazing
  • discovered new music
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Well not exactly with such cool headpones, but I discovered a better taste in music and I'm so happy with that.
  • France
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I didn't exactly go to Paris, but to another city. But Since I love French I just loved it so much.
  • Opportunities
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I got opportunities my 2016 could have never thought of
  • Quotes
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I found so many amazing quotes that helped me through the rough times.
  • Writing
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In this year I started to write more, on Weheartit, but I'm also writing a novel. I'm so excited haha!
  • Friends, Family, Hearters
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Last but not least, all the people I love. Thanks for everything.

This was my article, I hope you enjoyed it. I am also going to write an article about my new year's resolutions, so stay tuned!

Early happy new year loves.

X Vera