I've always wanted to do these things but unfortunately, i didn't have the chance to do some of them in the previous years so i'm hoping to accomplish at least half of my list this upcoming year, i don't know why i feel very optimistic about it but it does feel like 2018 is gonna spread some good vibes !
So here's what i'd like to achieve :

- Learn how to play the guitar and the piano (i've always been fascinated by these instruments)

- Learn a 4th language which is spanish (i think it's the cutest language)

- Travel to a new country and make a friend or two there (i've already done this before but it would be absolutely amazing to experience it again!)

- Get perfect grades for my big final exam that will allow me to go to University

- Gain confidence and feel beautiful in my skin

- Get rid of my unnecessary insecurities

- Get rid of the toxic people that bring me down

- Stand up for myself and not letting people walk all over me

- Get better at photography

- Glow up and learn how to do make up perfectly

- Read the books i've always wanted to read but found no time for it.