Hey there! This is my first article so don't judge me lol. So I would like to recommend you some vintage movies that I totally like because their plots are interesting and the actors are so talented and classy. I hope you find some time to enjoy these films while you are likely celebrating Christmas.
Let's start!

1. The Godfather (Part 1 and Part 2 are my absolutely favourites)

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The Godfather is an all time classic movie and I can't stop watching the first two parts when I have the chance. Godfather is a sequel which includes 3 parts and part 1 is actually voted as the best movie of the 20th century.If you haven't already watched none of these parts I believe that the characters of the movie (Michael and Vito Corleone especially) will make you fall in love with them.As you see the father and leader of the family, Vito, getting old Michael, his youngest son will take the lead of their business. His personality will be changing throughout the whole movie and there will be times you will hate him for the way he treats people or feel sorry for him because his closest relatives betrayed him.

2. Breakfast at Tifanny's

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Holly Golightly everyone! Yeah she is a fashion icon and a type of woman people read books about. Holly is a socialite who is trying to have a good life and marry someone rich. She is throwing parties at her house which she hasn't decorated because it doesn't feel like Tiffany's. Her cat without a name is something else too. Holly is a very fascinating character and loves jewelry as much as we all do. Everything changes for the better when she meets her neighbour, Paul.

3. Roman Holiday

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Yeah as you can see I totally love Audrey Hepburn. This movie is so classy and adventurous. Roman Holiday is about a young princess, Anna, who doesn't want to follow the rules of the palace anymore. So when she was in Rome she decided to escape from the enormous house she was living and explore the city without anyone telling her what to do. While she was sleeping on a bench a journalist found her and accomoddated her to his home without knowing who she was. By the time he recognised her he was already in love with her.

4. Sabrina

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Ok Audrey again. In this movie Sabrina Fairchild is the daughter of a chauffer. At the beggining Sabrina is really shy and deeply in love with a rich playboy, David, who doesn't even know she exists. After an unsuccessful suicide she went to Paris and came back after two years more sophisticated than ever. Finally, David starts flirting her but his older brother, Linus, tries to keep her away from their family because David is going to marry the daughter of a very respectful businessman. After some time with Sabrina, Linus is drawn to her and in the end everyone gets what they deserve.

5. Funny Face

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In this movie a fashion magazine publisher and editor and a fashion magazine photographer,Dick Avery, are trying to discover the next IT girl who will be both beautiful and clever. While they were shooting at a bookstore they toke some pictures of Jo Stockton, a shy bookshop clerk and an amateur philosopher who hates modelling. Dick admires her beauty and wants her to come with him to Paris for some photoshooting. Although Jo hates the idea she decides to go only because she wants to meet the famous philosopher professor Emile Frostre. After an incredible dancing scene of Jo and an unsuccessful meeting with the professor she and Dick finally realize that their feelings for each other are not only professional.

6. How to steal a million

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I'm not gonna lie about this one. Maybe I didn't like the plot so much but I totally loved Audrey's characher and fashion sense in this movie. Especially the scene where she wears a black laced mask is everything. However, the movie is about a woman who must steal a statue from a famous museum in Paris to help conceal her father's art forgeries and a mysterious man who decides to help her for his reasons. Romance at its finest.

7. Et Dieu... crea la femme

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A French movie with Brigitte. Ok my life is complete. Juliette is a very beautiful woman who knows it and makes boys fall in love with her. Eventhough the other women in the small village in Saint-Tropez hate her three men want to marry her. One of these boys lies to her that they will live a happy life together away from her village and Juliette believes him. As you already may have thought he breaks his promise and leaves her heart-broken. His younger brother though wants to make her happy and marries her without his mother's permission. Oh there is an old rich man too who likes her but Juliette couldn't care less about him. Things become difficult when the three brothers, Juliette and their mother start leaving together in a small and poor house. A clue: Juliette still loves the older one.

8. Barefoot in the park

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Jane Fonda is my icon too. Doesn't everyone love her? Alright let me tell you some things about this movie. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Firstly, the really handsome Paul, a conservative young lawyer, marries the vivacious and deadly perfect Corie. Their passionate relationship descents into comical discord in a five-flight New York City walk-up apartment. Their lines are everything and Jane's trousers and blousers are everything I need in my closet.

These are the vintage movies I totally ship and watch when I don't have any exams for the uni. I hope you enjoy my article.
Let me know about your thoughts,
Cheers and a Happy New Year to each one of you,