Anxiety can be really misunderstood.
Like it´s something bad and abnormal, something that has no reason to be, no importance, or something that needs to be kept inside.

Honestly, we´ve all been there. Some more than others, but it´s okay.

Recognize it.
It is there, it is happening and it will not stop until...well, until it stops.

Weather it´s an anxiety/panic attack, a constant state of living, or that weird page in this chapter of your life, just feel it and recognize it.
It´s yours for whatever reason and if it demands you to ugly cry, to kick or punch something, to turn you into a cluster of unease and terror , do it, if only for five minutes; because at a certain degree you are in control of at least that, of giving yourself that one moment of vulnerability. of not fighting against it, but WITH it.

When you accept it, you are aware of it, it´s not as scary. You don´t need to know why just yet, just get through this first... It´s going to be alright. maybe not perfect, maybe not rose color, but you can do this. It´s alright.