Bonjour mes amies! So since New Years is in a few short days, I thought I would share my resolutions and maybe inspire someone else! I usually am not too great at keeping them so hopefully me sharing will help me keep focused!

1. Read More

I love to read, but I have the horrible problem of buying books then starting them, and never getting past half way. This year I want to finish The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, the Eragon series, and Sherlock Holmes.

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2. Start A Bullet Journal

I think this is a great form of creativity and organisation. Once I bite the bullet and buy a book and proper pen, I'll be set!

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3. Focus More On Language Studies

I'm one of the only kids at my school taking French, and I don't think I take it as seriously as I should, living in Canada. I think more focus on it and daily practice, I could master it, and maybe even start another language by 2019 (Latin? Gaelic? Norwegian? Italian?)

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4. Exercise Often

I currently have free access to a gym and I don't use it. I hope to be going at least once a week when semesters change.

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5. Focus More On Photography

I love landscape photography and I think as something I truly enjoy I need to spend more time learning to edit and maybe even try different types of cameras!

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6. Find My Passion

In less than a year I'll have to be applied and accepted into a university yet I can't even figure out if I want to go into humanities or sciences. Start volunteering, find a job, and say yes to new experiences.

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So those are my 2018 goals. There are also things such as staying hydrated, becoming more fashionably reckless, and discovering new music, but at this time in my life these six are some of my top priorities. I post every Thursday! I hope you guys got some ideas! Merci!

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