under these stars ,
i love you.
under this sky,
i love you.
on this ground,
i love you.
next to me,
you don't love me.

at least, not the way you love the world.
not the way you love the ocean
and it's free waves

they want you.
the gods, they do.
they want you to do the things they no longer can
they want you to die,
and they let them kill you

they drown you
deep, deep down
now you lay at the bottom of the ocean,
the one you truly ever loved.

and they build shrines for you,
they look at the stars
they look at the ocean
they talk about the one who is watching over them,
the one who freed them.
forgetting that they are the ones who killed you.

the gods have forgotten too
that they let you die
they sacrificed you so that they would live

everyone has forgotten,
but me.

under these stars,
i remember.
under this sky,
i remember.
on this ground,
i remember.
with these hands,
i'll make sure they die too.