If tonight I lit up a cigarette and dozed off
Would you mind?
If I got drunk and let myself sleep in someone else's arms
Would you mind?
If I turned the steering wheel all the way
and closed my eyes
Would you mind?
If I...
If I stayed up all night and shared with you
all I am, all I'll ever be?
Would you mind?
If I begged a little more on your doorstep
Would you get bored of this game?
Would you let me in?
Would you let me be your given?
Your fact?
Your forever and one?
Or just the one part
I'm okay with that, too.
As I'm okay with anything you'd propose.
I'm clay on your hands
Give me meaning.
Let me crouch down and be your God for one minute there
For one sigh.
For one's life.

-Sunset S.

© @selanne, 2014-2017
original content copyright, all rights reserved.

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Merry, merry Christmas, everyone! One last poem to make 2017 go down as it should!