you knew how much you meant to me
and you still left.
you had my heart,
i wouldn't call it theft.
day by day i gave you pieces
and i received some in return.
little did i know
that soon the world would burn.
you never said 'i'm leaving'
you never said 'goodbye'
you were gone before i knew it,
i don't understand why.
a million times i needed you,
a million times i cried.
you said that you would return,
i wish you wouldn't lie.
no matter how many times you apologized,
it still didn't feel sincere,
you gave me hope that you'd come back,
i should have known you'd never appear.

months have passed
and memories faded
you took back your heart,
and shamelessly upgraded.
you still unknowingly hold pieces of mine
i was in too deep,
never knowing when to draw the line.

i don't want our story to end,
we've been through too much.
i've learned my lesson,
though i still long for your touch.
but you were blind,
and did not spot
our two hearts
binded by one knot.

there's one thing you need to know.
something you need to hear.
if i was your river,
then you were my sea.
i always loved you more
than you did me.

-a note to you