Change can be a bad thing but also a good thing.


It is not true that people do not change. The worst thing is when someone who we belive is good get worse, but this is not called a change, that means people have shown their true face. When a person we did not expect hurt us, we are hopelessly hoped that there are real people without face masks.

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Everyone of us has the right to their own opinion.

We often decide for things that we think are best for us right now, but when we think about it, we realize we do not really do the right thing.
Every thought can change because we are rulers of our own decisions.

We do not always have to agree with someone's opinion, but we have to respect it whatever it is.

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Sometimes we need change for all of us.
Sometimes this is a change of style of clothing, hair style change, hair color, change in taste of music ...

The thing is that today, when we have the opportunity to be different, society does not allow us to change that.

Why would not I change the color of my hair in purple if I like it?
The answer is clear, because the question is 'what will society say?'
And that prevents us. But that really should not be, slim to be different, it's nice to be yourself.

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And at the end of the day it is most important that we are satisfied with us.
Because society, looks, or opinions can not affect us if we are satisfied with ourselves.

P.S. Change your mind, but let it be positive for you. Try to be different and change your thoughts, you will change your world :)

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Sorry for my bad english, I hope that you understand,

Sara xxx