2017 has been a tough year, I want to be honest.
I went through a lot, starting by the heartbreaking fights I had with my father and the growing amount of study for school.

I want a fresh start and these are my goals for 2018.

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Treat people with kindness

Harry Styles means the world to me, he's my inspiration. His caring behavior towards everyone makes me want to become a better person, for this reason I'll try to be nicer and more patient. I'm human and I know I'll make lots of mistakes along the way, but I won't give up.

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Love myself

There's so much hate in this world. We have to rise above and never say sorry for who you are.
— Demi Lovato

One of the biggest inspirations for me said this and that's what makes me want to love myself more everyday. It's not simple, but in 2018 I'll try my best.

Post more often

I'd love to post more often, but sometimes it's so difficult. I'm just like everyone else, running after a busy life. In 2018 I'll try to post as much as possible.

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Achieve 3K

Follower count is just a number, but at the same time it would mean that I inspired someone out there, it would mean like I've done something good for the community.

Make more friends

This year I got to know some amazing people of the WHI community and I hope in 2018 I will continue the friendships I made and create new ones.

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Some of my hopes are pretty ambitious, but you know dream big, start small, act now!

Your support this year has been unbelievable!♡

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