hair image moon, night, and sky image Inspiring Image on We Heart It arrow, bow, and archery image
Artemis ; goddess of the hunt, the moon, and archery.
emma watson image gold and feather image gold, makeup, and eyes image clothes, quotes, and wish image
Hera ; queen of the gods.
pink, rose gold, and silk image girl, beauty, and makeup image header, love, and quotes image fireworks, light, and new year image
Aphrodite ; goddess of love.
hair, hairstyle, and gold image art and sketch image knife, aesthetic, and gold image hp, power, and quote image
Athena ; goddess of wisdom and war.
dark, quotes, and grunge image dress, fashion, and purple image flowers, dark, and purple image castle, harry potter, and hogwarts image
Persephone ; daughter of nature, queen of the underworld.
blood, eyes, and white image hair, girl, and pale image quotes image bread and food image
Hestia ; goddess of the hearth and home.