Heyy, I'm back -

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what was the best/worst thing about your work/school this year

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So I had some up and downs this year with school...
But the biggest thing I struggled with was motivation.

I don't know why but at the beginning of 2017 I wasn't really motivated for school, the motivation came at the end of the school year, which brought me nothing.
But I got this motivation trough motivational videos - I basically sat there hours and listened to some speeches on YouTube. Something like "Motivational video for students" - & it helped me a lot! I didn't quit watching those videos trough summer break so I started the next school year motivated.

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However now by the end of the year I am still pretty motivated and I don't even need those videos anymore - whenever I feel like my motivation is getting lost I watch a short video or just read some motivational quotes about studying

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Now I am even taking my motivation just trough things I like, don’t ask me how I do it, because I don’t know, but it is working. I mean I can even motivate myself for school just looking at some pictures of Bts/Jungkook

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Find your own motivation <3

Day 4: how have you grown spiritually?
Day 5: how have you grown emotionally?
Day 6: how have you grown physically?
Day 7: write about something that brought you joy.
Day 8: write about something that challenge you.
Day 9: did your relationships change? In what way?
Day 10: what books did you read this year?
Day 11: what has been your biggest time waster in your life this year?
-Day 12: what was the best/worst thing about your work/school this year?
Day 13: write about the biggest lesson you learned this year.
Day 14: what do you look most forward to in the new year?
Day 15: what are your new year resolutions

See you again
-Viv ;