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Hi there! It’s your Colourful Butterfly here. Before I start with the real article, I want to say a few things. First of all I want to say, this is my very first article, so I’m already sorry for the write mistakes or if I can’t come on a word or something like that, but I do my best. Second of all, I want to thank everyone who follows me and everyone who has hearted my images this year, it means a lot to me. ♥ Third of all, I don’t really know if anyone else already did this, but I didn’t found an article about it. So I think I might be the first one on WHI, but please don’t blame me if I’m wrong.
Okay, after all this stuff, I will explain what the purpose is of this article, it’s simple. So, below you will find every day of the year 2018, and a question for that day. If you want you can write it down so you can look back on it whenever you want, but you don’t have to of course. (If you write an article, I will definitely read it, someone already made one, so, ... :) ) Also, very important, there is no wrong answer. The purpose is that you reflect yourself and how you live right now, if you are really happy or not, and at the end of the year you can say: "Thanks 2018! I learned a lot of you! This was a very good year! 2019 here I come!". To stimulate you to do more things of what makes you happy.
Well, that is it for so far. I hope you will enjoy it. Bye my little butterflies, see you back at the end of the year! ♥ PS: you can always send me a message if you have a question or want to talk or something like that. (Or a picture about your ‘A Question A Day’ situation, I would love to see if you acually use this. ♥)

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Mon 1 January: Are you happy about last year? Why?
Tue 2 January: What need to change this year?
Wed 3 January: What are you passionate about? Why?
Thu 4 January: What are your favorite things to do on these ‘cold’ winter days?
Fri 5 January: Where is your favorite place in the world? Why? (It could be home, a café, a city, …)
Sat 6 January: Who or what inspires you? Why?
Sun 7 January: How was your first week of the new year? What happened?
Mon 8 January: What is the best advice someone ever gave you? Who was it?
Tue 9 January: If you had all the money in the world, what would you do? (Keep it, give it, both, …)
Wed 10 January: What memory do you cherish the most?
Thu 11 January: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where do you want to be?
Fri 12 January: Why is it important to embrace your inner child, according to you?
Sat 13 January: What makes you laugh/smile?
Sun 14 January: How do you relax? (Reading a book, listening to music, taking a bath, maybe all at once, …)
Mon 15 January: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?
Tue 16 January: What is your favorite song at the moment, what makes it so special?
Wed 17 January: How do you maintain your mental and physical health?
Thu 18 January: Who is your hero? Why? (A friend, family member, … . Not a famous person.)
Fri 19 January: What impact has your ‘difference’ made in your life? (For example; ‘not skinny’, ‘not white’, ‘not blond’, …)
Sat 20 January: What motivates you? And what keeps you motivated?
Sun 21 January: What quote inspires you at the moment? Why?
Mon 22 January: If you could run away, where would you go? Why?
Tue 23 January: What impact has social media on your life? Are you happy about the situation it is right now?
Wed 24 January: What makes you powerful and lit up?
Thu 25 January: What and/or who is really important to you?
Fri 26 January: What is a bad habit you need to kick?
Sat 27 January: What property you own are you proud of? Why?
Sun 28 January: Who or what is worth ‘fighting’ for?
Mon 29 January: What is your favorite piece of art you ever made and/or own?
Tue 30 January: When was the last time you did something you were afraid of?
Wed 31 January: What improvements are you making? (Emotionally, physically, …)

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Thu 1 February: If your life stopped today, what would you regret not doing?
Fri 2 February: If you could make one (or more, if you want) change (s) in the world, what would it be?
Sat 3 February: What do you wish you did more of?
Sun 4 February: What is something you would like/love to learn? (Something you don’t know or can yet.)
Mon 5 February: If you stripped away all the layers of other people's expectations and desires for you, what would you do or want for yourself?
Tue 6 February: What can you do for a long period of time without getting bored?
Wed 7 February: What means beauty to you?
Thu 8 February: What would you do if no one would judge you?
Fri 9 February: What advice would you give someone with a low self-esteem?
Sat 10 February: Does failing means that you have failed?
Sun 11 February: Are you more concerned about doing things right or doing things wrong?
Mon 12 February: Is it possible to know, without doubt, what is good or bad?
Tue 13 February: What is the difference between living and real living?
Wed 14 February: What do you love about yourself?
Thu 15 February: What are you thankful for?
Fri 16 February: What decision do you wish you didn’t have to make?
Sat 17 February: What means trust to you?
Sun 18 February: What do you think about street art? (Is it vandalism or an other way to express the feelings of a person?)
Mon 19 February: What headline would you like to read in tomorrow's newspaper?
Tue 20 February: Would you break the law to save someone you love?

I know this sounds stupid, but at the moment I have no inspiration for new questions. :( And I don't want to end this, so if you have some ideas, maybe I can use them. So if you want, please send me some questions.

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