We've all been there, looking for a good story to read but none of them really interesting you. Even the features or popular ones just don't really...catch you.

I've had a wattpad account for a while and my library is packed with read and unread stories. In this article, I want to propose some stories to you that I myself have rated 5 stars and think everyone should know about.

(Not rated in a particular order)

1. The Heartbroken Heartbreaker by Sam Maddison

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*Kyla Evans was dumped by her boyfriend of two years, like most you'd expect her to sulk and be depressed but oh no not Evans. Like they say, revenge is a dish best served cold and that's just what she serves. To get back at her ex she decides to go out with the person he despises the most. Seth Everett.

The Heartbroken Heartbreaker is your cliche classic but nonetheless, your guilty pleasure. You'll laugh, cry, and experience every emotion possible. A story that makes your heart go thump thump.

2. Heartbeat // Zayn Malik AU by TheFallingRain

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*Valerie Chase isn't one for miracles and definitely not one for believing. She's used to things not going her way and tries her hardest to keep everyone at arm's length, however, guardian angel Zayn Malik has a different plan in mind for her.

Heartbeat is your comedy-romance story with a whole lot of supernatural. Angels, Demons, Waywards, The corruption of higher authority, etc. Chapter after chapter will leave you wanting more.

3. The Boys From Brazil by thatkidwho

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*"I'm out of order? You're out of order! This whole courtroom is out of order! Ah, man I love cappuccino and his movies." "You mean Al Pacino." "Yeah, same thing."

Amy's on a vacation in Brazil with her family and she's convinced it's their sole purpose in life to embarrass her. Things aren't all bad though, especially when two hot twins just so happen to make their way into your life and turn things upside down.There wasn't one moment while reading this story when I wasn't smiling and laughing. Sometimes you just can't handle all that mushy romance and just want a fun story to read. The boys from Brazil is your go-to comedy with romance.

4. Storm and Silence by RobThier

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In a world where women's only role in life is to sit at home and look pretty, Lilly is determined to fight for her freedom. There's only one problem: a powerful man blocking her way.

Albeit, this story is actually very popular I just had to add it to the list. Set in the 19th-century Storm and Silence is an absolute must-read. Main character Lily Linton is your feminist icon with ambition for days but like any of us, a fool for love (or should I say lust).

5. 1.8.7 by bheatley

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*Dakota Montgomery has the gift of sight and when she is shown the death of 24 people at the hands of two of her classmates, Dakota must figure out how to save everyone.

What would you do if you had seen the future, and it was really bad?
1.8.7 is a heart-pounding suspense thriller that will leave you shaken. With every page, you grow more restless to know how it's going to end.

I have a lot more recommendations but I'll start you off with these first. Every single one a 5 star must read, guranted.

Happy reading xx