some ideas to do...

⋄ put a pretty outfit and makeup yourself
⋄ take a nap, sleep it off
⋄ call a friend or person that you feel confortable with
⋄ get crafty and make DIY´s
⋄ listen to The Beatles
⋄ make tea
⋄ put on lipstick and smile in the mirror
⋄ buy yourself flowers
⋄ light some candles
⋄ watch a funny film
⋄ write about why you are feeling down
⋄ read a good book
⋄ go for a bike ride or for a walk
⋄ take a hot shower and skinroutine
⋄ clean room and open windows
⋄ stretch
⋄ eat your favourite food

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remember that is okay to have bad days, the sun will rise and we will try again... ♥
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I love you, and I hope that this article had helped you, good bye ♥ take care♥