hello, lovelies♡ today I'm gonna talk about wanderlust! what is wanderlust anyways? Wanderlust is a strong desire to travel☯ and that basically describes me! I have a VERRYYYYY strong desire to get out of the couch and travel to amazing places ❁♛

look, guys..my point is that life is passing by Very quickly, I mean, its almost 2018! to me, I feel like years are passing y much quicker than before and some of us are always behind the screen (me) but I wanna change that ★

Get outside, you don't need to go somewhere far away! take a walk, or if you want to go with your parents, ask them! they'll probably take you out on a car trip or something. visit the mall, go to a park! do anything. don't forget to live life! there is so much more waiting out there for you! goodbye and good luck ❣☘