Hi to everyone! I saw so much person like my recent article ❤️❤️

Soooo today I want to show you a “happy book” yes I know it’s orrible name but idk

What is a “happy book”?💭
A happy book is a copybook were you can write like a diary but different 🤳🏻

You can put on sticker,tumblr photo and what do you want.

How to create a happy book 📚

-Buy a copybook
- decore it with sticker,photo and more

How to use it 👅
So you can use it as you want, you can write your succes, or goals for new year! You can write about a particularly day with your friend or family. You can share this book with your best friend! It’s your and you can use it AS YOU WANT !

/It’s not a diary so don’t write your seacret because someone can read it !

Tomorrow I will start my “happy book” and I want to show you this app! Is named LALALAB and you can print your photo and they arrived at your home! I love this app!😍

I hope I help you! Have a nice day!

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