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I hope you're enjoying the holiday days and have a nice time with your family. Well I spend mostly my holidays by watching K-Dramas because I have not much time bc of school etc... I'm watching KDramas since maybe 2014...Idk. I made a list of all Kdramas/K-Movies i've watched and i would like to share it with you.

K-Drama's for beginners

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If all this is new for you and you've never watched a KDrama, then you are right here. Actually you can watch all KDramas you want but in my opinion its a little bit difficult to watch any Kdrama because in KDramas are 'Laws' or 'Rules' (typical characteristics) and to get to know these you should have watched a few KDramas. So it will be difficult to understand the insider. Well here are a few K-Dramas for you.

  • Oh My Venus
  • To The Beautiful You
  • My Love From The Star
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make sure to inform yourself and watch them.


Now I'll list the Must-Watch Kdrama you needed to see.

  • 1: Goblin (warning, Its heartbreaking!)
  • 2: Moon Lovers (heartbreaking too)
  • 3: Kill me, Heal me (heartbreaking too)
  • 4: Emergency couple (it's funny)
  • 5: Descendent of the sun
  • 6: Madam Antoine
  • 7: W two Worlds
  • 8: Doctors
  • 9: Weightlifting Fairy
  • 10: Strong Woman So Bong Soon
  • 11: While you were sleeping
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make sure to inform yourself.

Check this out

Have also a look at these KDramas:
- Suspicious Partner
- The Sound of your heart
- Oh my ghost
- It's okay, it's love
- Man to Man
- The legend of the blue sea
- Shopping king Louie
- Angry Mom
- Moorim School
- Remember

That's it

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