As 2017 gets closer to being 2018 I have to be honest, none of my goals from this year will be different than the new years before this one. I always try to keep my goals for each new year the same and I thought I would share five of these goals with you , to show you that you don't have to make these HUGE resolutions that you never keep. Just keep it simple and easy .ok maybe not too easy..but more life changing. Hope you like my goals!

One: Be kind to yourself and others. This is something I strive to do always because we could all use more kindness in our lives. Whether it's being more kind to your parents and siblings, or just taking time out of your day to tell someone they look nice or lend a helping hand. Kindness goes a long way and shows you care about others.

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Two: Self care! So many don't know how important self care really is.
It can be a bubble bath with candles lit , or curling up with a good book and a cup of tea by yourself. It can be taking a nap for as long as you want or even taking a road trip alone to discover yourself a little bit more. Whatever you do in 2018 make sure you take some time out for YOURSELF because YOU are IMPORTANT!

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Three: Eat Healthy and Exercise more!
Now I know that one is ALWAYS a given with new years resolutions but come on it should always be anyways! Exercise and a healthy diet is important for our health and well being almost like self care. You want to eat right and fuel your body the right way and keep it up and moving so you can live a healthier life! That doesn't mean letting go of treats, just in moderation! So you can still eat a doughnut and look great! More fruits and veggies and less sugar intake is always a good thing no matter what !

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Four: Read more books !
See I'm an active bookworm and I always have been since I was four. I still aspire to read more books though everyday. It keeps your mind sharp and helps to keep things like memory loss at bay as we grow older. Books are like air to me , I literally need them to breathe. I know reading is not for everyone , but I promise you if you find the right book you will finally understand all those moments your bookworm friends have with their own books. Browse a used book store or a library and check out new and exciting novels or even comic books and see what sparks an interest in your own bookish heart.

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Five: Smile more often.
It seems simple right? Almost like kindness, a smile can change everything. It can light up an entire persons day or change what could seem like a bad moment in life. It can wipe out all the bad in your life for just a moment..and all because you smiled at yourself in the mirror or at someone else. I have come to notice and realize that smiling for an entire day puts me in such an awesome mood. My trick is to keep a half smile on my face through out the day and everyone noticed a change in my appereance the first time I tried this out. My entire demeanor changed and so did everyone elses. I brought out the good in everyone by smiling..and it was so simple.. so never know who's falling in love with it.

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Hope everyone enjoys this article and I may post more of my resolutions later on as the new year gets closer! Much love to all my followers tonight! later ya'll !

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