Confidence boosters, tips, and more. This is all about being productive. There's so many things to do in your life and it's time to take that advantage!

Leave The House

  • Take walks
  • Go downtown
  • Go to the nearest coffee shop
  • Arrange time with your friends
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Experiment With Makeup

  • Try a smokey eye look
  • Do natural glam
  • Try a bold lip color
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Experiment With Your Style

  • Buy a new outfit
  • Change your wardrobe a bit (fishnet stockings are still in!)
  • Wear a different style shirt that you wouldn't think you would wear
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Rearrange Your Room

(this goes with being productive)

  • Move your bed in a different place
  • Decide on a new color or get wallpaper
  • Decorate (Christmas lights aren't just for Christmas)
  • Make a room aesthetic
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